Hey there! I’m Aidan Monis, and I’m in my second year of York University’s Bachelor of Education program. When all is said and done, I’ll be certified to teach Music and Social Sciences in grades 7-12. I’ve already completed a degree in Music Performance (also at York), and I took a few Women’s Studies courses over the course of that degree. I play music around the city with various groups, and teach music privately. Last year, I turned down the opportunity to attend grad school at Loyola University New Orleans, as well as McGill University, and decided to pursue education instead!

I’m really interested in democratic music education/creation practices, and I (at least attempt to) take a critical lens to social issues. I try in all things to be a supporter of social justice – not just saying it, but practicing and advocating for it. I’m using this site as a portfolio of my progress as a student teacher, as well as my music career. I’ll also be writing opinion pieces and critical responses, but in the interests of professionalism, I’ll probably stay away from ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation marks! I hope you enjoy this work-in-progress site, and I welcome any responses and critiques you might have.


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